Over the decades we have serviced various Nuclear Power Stations, providing technical recruitment expertise.

We have successfully placed staff and contractors for Power/Energy/Nuclear Careers and Job Vacancies in the following selection of Nuclear Power Plants:
  • Wlyfa (Magnox)
  • Dungeness B (Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor - AGR)
  • Hinkley Point B (AGR)
  • Hunterston C (AGR)
  • Hartlepool (AGR)
  • Heysham 1 & 2 (AGR)
  • Torness (AGR)
  • Sizewell B (Pressurised Water Reactor - PWR)
  • Calder Hall (Magnox) – now closed
  • Chapelcross (Magnox) – now closed
  • Berkeley (Magnox) – now closed
  • Bradwell (Magnox) – now closed
  • Hunterston A (Magnox) – now closed
  • Hinkley Point A (Magnox) – now closed
  • Trawsfynydd (Magnox) – now closed
  • Dungeness A (Magnox) – now closed
  • Sizewell A (Magnox) – now closed
  • Oldbury (Magnox) – now closed
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  • We promise not to submit your CV to nuclear companies without speaking and obtaining your permission first
  • Unlike power/energy/nuclear job boards/sites we do not allow power/energy/nuclear companies access to our CV database, therefore, there is no chance of your current/previous employer spotting you putting yourself on the job market
  • Not all nuclear job vacancies are posted on career pages/job boards/recruitment sites; our global recruitment consultants search our CV database for a large amount of nuclear job vacancies due to the quick turnaround or sensitivity of some roles.  Unless you have registered your CV you are missing out on these nuclear careers/jobs.
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